Wednesday, 27 October 2010

It's just me,me,me!

My wonderful twitter friend Viv from Poppy Sparkles has tagged me. so I have to attempt to  answer some questions, here goes......

1. What is your favourite book?

Such a hard question for me to start with, I love books and really don't get the time I would like to read, I have a whole pile of books waiting for me! 
I love so many books and different genres (true life, crime, fiction) too but if I had to pick an absolute favourite I would have to say The Green Mile! Such a good read and I love it for sentimental reasons too, when I read it you could buy it in a six part series, which I did and me and my Dad both read them and talked about them, I still have the little series on my bookshelf and it always reminds me of then! 

2. What is your most treasured childhood memory?

It's a really simple memory but staying over at my Nan's house always meant that we were allowed to put yoghurt on our cereal in the mornings instead of milk (something I still love to this day), it was usually followed by dippy eggs and soldiers too, and we would turn over the egg shell when we were done and bash it with our spoon!

3. Who is your favourite Designer/Artist/Illustrator?

Hmmm...these questions are hard, I don't have a favourite, there are so many I admire. There are many illustrators of children's books I love including Guy Parker-Rees, Olivier Dunrea (Peedie book) and Jez Alborough.
I also (obviously) love my husband's art and illustrations (that's why we run Piddley Pix) .

4. Where is your fave holiday destination?

I would have to say Dominican Republic where I spent a wonderful two weeks with my husband for our honeymoon! It was such an experience, a beautiful place where you could just relax or do lots! We chose to do some trips out so went white water rafting, swimming with dolphins and on a trip to see the 'real' Dominican which was amazing! The people are so lovely!
I have to say though there is alot of the UK I love to visit too; Norfolk, Devon, Parts of Sctoland etc, so am more than happy to holiday at home! 

5. What is your favourite past time?

I love to write! It is something that I really wish I could do more of, I like to write poems, stories and childrens books, what I love about writing is it can basically be what you want; fact, feelings, fiction, fun, sad - anything! I am quite shy about my writing and only share small bits of it - I am trying to share more and have put some poems on my personal blog as a step towards this! 

6.What is your favourite colour?

For clothes it's most definitely black! Now I know people will say black isn't a colour, but it is the tone I wear the most! For anything else I like purple - it's such a girlie colour without being pink!

7. Do you have any pet hates?

I have loads! 
Rude people, it's not hard to think about others just briefly before you do or say something, in fact if you do it enough then it becomes natural, people parking in child spaces at the supermarket when they don't have a child with them, or in the disabled ones when they are not disabled, people who tell lies and (probably my biggest one) spitting, whether it's in the street or at someone, I really REALLY don't like it! 
I think most of my pet hates stem from people just generally not thinking of others!

8. What is your favourite saying?

'Work Hard, Play Hard' - Think it says it all!

9.Do you watch the X Factor? If so why??? 

Erm........yes! I am ashamed to admit I do, and I slate it and the decisions make me angry, and I vow not to watch it again, but the following weekend I am sat down waiting for it to come on - it's an addiction, I can't help it, and to be honest if I didn't watch it I would feel like I did from the amount of people who talk about it!! 

And now it's time to tag....
Louise from Baby Signing Mummy
Nicki  over at Curly and Candid

I hope you will all have a go, and let me know so I can have a read of your answers to! 

Friday, 22 October 2010

Minor Edition Review

Minor Edition is an online shop that sells unique dresses; Founded by Ipshita, she designs all the dresses herself, so, I was really pleased when I was offered a dress to review, unfortunately the dresses are in sizes 2-6 so a bit too big for my baby princess, so I was going to have to pass the dress to someone else to review from a 'using' perspective!

When the dress arrived it was beautifully wrapped and I felt like I had received a pressie! I opened it up with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning to reveal a very pretty dress from the new 'Tomato and Olive Collection' which filled me with a 'it's so not fair' vibe at the thought that my little girl was too ickle and I was having to give it to someone else!

So, all I could do was look at the dress from an observation perspective and then pass it on.

The dress was lovely and the uniqueness shines through, I certainly haven't seen anything like this on the high street! The only minor worry I had was how it would fair being worn by a two year old as it appeared to be very delicate!

If I am honest I am not a big fan of the colour green, but this green suited the pattern and style of the dress perfectly, it had a beautiful shape to it and was topped off with some very cute bows!

Now how did the testers like it? Well on receiving the dress the dad had the same thought about the delicateness of it, he worried that the bows may get pulled off or the dress wouldn't fair well with two year old playing!

After little M had worn the dress they said "When putting it on, it fits well, as it is a fitted style and the right size for our girl. Unlike her other clothes, however, there is no 'give' or stretchiness to the material, so I would imagine that she'll grow out of it pretty quickly" and after wearing the dress there were no signs of bows dropping off or the material wearing or tearing, so although delicate - fit for the job!

This is a beautiful dress, make sure you pop over to Minor Edition to see what other items they have in their new collection and as an added bonus, every customer (the child) gets a birthday surprise on her birthday – they just need to register here.

Information from Minor Edition:
Prices of the Tomato and Olive Collection:
The price list is now ready. I am very happy to offer silk dresses meant for special occasions, at such a bargain price.
Green and Maroon dresses with two small bows  - £19.00
Green dresses with large bows - £19.99
Red dress with white sleeves - £23.99

I always mention the sizing because every child is different and do not always fit the British Standard size. I am a first-hand ‘sufferer’ as Anusha, my daughter always need two sizes larger than her actual age. So would it be worth mentioning that Minor Edition recommends that they check the size chart

Very interesting comment about stretchiness of the fabric and totally agree with M’s daddy. Well, as parents, we all hunt for the regular stretchy clothes for the nursery or toddler groups where messy play and suchlike are involved and those that are resistant to a zillion washes. To be honest, organic silk fabrics do not really stretch like a jersey dress for example. The Tomato and Olive Collection is a collection of dresses that are meant to be delicate and special but without the price tag. This can be compared with the special satin dress (that do not stretch as much too)  that we would have bought for our little ones for any special occasion like a wedding or a birthday. Just that these are not white or pink nor are they pricey.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Win a Commissioned Print!

To celebrate the final day of the two week launch of our brand new blog, we would like to tell you a bit about our commissions! 

If you like our work but there is too much choice on the website or the pictures are not quite personal enough, we offer a commissions service, all you have to do is contact us! 

It is a fairly simple process where you tell us what you want and we produce a picture to fit, we collect as much information as possible in the beginning to get as close to what you want in your picture! There is a chance for amendments and then your picture (complete with a certificate of authenticity to state it is unique to you) is printed and sent to you!

Commissions can include colour choices, characters, scenes and even words if you so wish - just tell us what you envisage and we will put it in ink! I know you are all thinking, so how much will this cost - well that depends on the complexity of the picture, so each one is quoted for individually!

To finish off this two weeks of launching fun we are offering the chance to WIN a commission piece of your own! 

The winner will be contacted to find out what they would like and we will produce a print especially for them! They will receive a 12" x 8" print of the picture (mounted taking it to 16" x 12" size)! The picture will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity stating that it is a 1 of 1 print!

This is a unique prize and no-one else will have your picture, making it a perfect Christmas or Birthday Gift! 
So, what do you have to do to win? 
Visit our Website - have a quick look round and then come back and tell us which of our pictures you like the best! 
You don't have to be a follower of the blog but it would be nice if you visited us to see our future reviews, guest posts, articles and giveaways!
Competition closes Wednesday 20th October 2010 at 9pm.

If you are not lucky enough to be the winner but fancy owning your own unique one-off picture then please contact us on for a quote, we do like a challenge so let your imagination run wild! 

And the winner (as picked out of the bowl by my 2 year old) is..........
Congratulations to Baby Signing Mummy, I will be in contact this afternoon!

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Open Worldwide
  2. The winner will be picked at random
  3. Judges decision is final
  4. Piddley Pix will supply a form to take down what winner would like and produce a picture from this, there will be one opportunity for amendments and then the picture will be printed 
  5. Competition closes at 9pm on Wednesday 20th October 2010, any entries made after this will not be counted! 
  6. Winner will be announced within 48 hours of the closing date

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Christmas Is Coming!

As you have seen this week we have introduced our Christmas cards to the Piddley Pix site, yes, yes we know it is only October and we should be getting bonfire night out the way first but it seems a lot of people are trying to spread the cost this year, and are starting to prepare for Christmas early!

Now I have to make a confession, we started our Christmas shopping in August, we saw a bargain that we just had to have it and the idea to spread the cost was far too tempting to resist! Where are we now? Well for our children (2.5 yr old and a 6 month old) we have nearly finished, but for the rest of the family well that's another story, let's just say some are more fussy than others!

So now for a little plug; if you are starting your Christmas shopping check out Piddley Pix we have perfect pressies for children of any age, you can buy a 'friend in a frame' straight from the site or you could get something a little bit more special by talking to us about a commission (more info about these coming tomorrow on the blog!)

You can also find us on Kiddiebase along with many other awesome products for families with Bump - 12 years old. Here you will find our one-off prints, these are unique and you would be the only owner of the picture (with a certificate of authenticity).

So, to finish off we would like to give a small shout out to some other places you may find perfect Christmas gifts for the family.

Baby Signing Mummy - A place to start your little ones journey with Baby Signing, we particularly like the Old Lady Complete set - It is on our daughter's Christmas list!

Poppy Sparkles - Check out their facebook page for their Handcrafted Charm Jewellery- really beautiful dainty pieces!

Little Silver Touches - Bespoke Fingerprint Jewellery ; check out the 'perfect for dads' cufflinks

Silver Birch Crafts - Many gifts suitable for the whole family - we love the Soft Baby Books

All About The Boys - If you are looking for that fab new outfit for your Children (girls and boys) to wear for Christmas this is the place, have a look at this Ralph Lauren outfit!

There are so many other places to check out, so keep your eyes peeled for more guest posts, reviews and more on this blog for ideas, also pop back tomorrow for our giveaway!

Charity Support - The Ear Foundation

As Piddley Pix grows we would really like to support some of our favourite charities, so we would like to take the opportunity today to introduce you to the first of our nominated charities for the rest of 2010.

The Ear Foundation
Their Vision is  
"All deaf people have the opportunity to hear, communciate and develop spoken language using the latest technological interventions"

The Ear Foundation is an independent charity that works with deaf people and their families in many different ways to make the best use of technologies to improve hearing and communication.
They do this through Education, Family and Clinical services, Carrying out Research and Advocating for access to the latest hearing technologies.
Through a friend of ours we have seen how important the work of The Ear Foundation is and we believe they are vital in helping close the gap between the clinical side of the technology and the actual usage in everyday life.  It is because of this that earlier this year Kev (our artist) took on a challenge to complete the Robin Hood Half Marathon in Nottingham to support this charity (the first half marathon Kev had ever done) and we would like to continue to support the charity and this is why they are one of our nominated charities!

Keep your eyes peeled for the pictures on sale in support of the foundation or you can donate direct to the charity of course! 
If you would like to find out more about The Ear Foundation please visit their website 

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New Products Showcase

For today's post we thought we would showcase some of the new things that have joined the Piddley Pix website

Who doesn't love Noah's Ark?! This has been done is a new style and is very cute, perfect for a child of any age (or an adult who loves animals)! It is one of our Limited Edition prints (only 25 will be printed) so it makes a great gift for Christmas, a Birthday or well....any day of the week. Don't miss out!

In this new series, there are four pictures to choose from. Any car loving child will love them, they are done in a simple but colourful style that will brighten up any bedroom, playroom or garage!! This range is not limited edition so the motoring fun will just keep on going!

Although the summer is over this new picture will give you the same feeling as having fun in the sun! It is done in a style that will suit any age, so is a lovely picture for any Camper Van Fan. Another of our Limited Edition prints, so don't miss out and get one before it drives away!

We know some of you don't want to think about Christmas yet, but as it is getting to that time of the year we have added these fab cards to our selection! These festive animals can be bought individually but if you can't decide between the four cute designs you can buy a pack of the four!

So there you have it, some new products available from Piddley Pix 
We hope you like them
All prices now include shipping!!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Two Women, a Website and a Baby – The KiddieBase Story

Back at the end of 2009, 2 good friends were having a coffee (this will be a recurrent theme in this story!) and talking about their lives.

One of them, Antonia, had just decided not to go back to her corporate job quite yet and the other, Karen, was debating whether or not 3 children was enough   Both of them were talking about a need to do something useful and hopefully earn a little bit of money to help their families along.  Karen used to work in retail and Antonia in technology so quite quickly the idea of a shopping-related website emerged (after a few more coffees!).

Exclusive to Kiddiebase - Sold by Piddley Pix
The debate then ensued for some time (for far too long if you were to consult the KiddieBase husbands!)  Then as with the inception of most good ideas, it came back to the general idea of finding a problem and fixing it.  And the problem identified was the huge volume of choice out there online for bumps, babies and children, the time it took to shop and hunt down all the websites and of course, what about the wonderful products that were out there and no-one even knows about!? The KiddieBase ladies really don’t like to miss out on anything you see...  How good would it be if there was a site that brought all these great products together to give the shopper the best choice possible but still let the sellers retain their own brand, individuality, descriptions, pricing etc.  Light-bulbs flashed and an idea was born...

So now the coffee shops of one small town in Buckinghamshire have significantly higher takings, two ladies have an idea and two husbands and 5 small boys have breathed a big sigh of relief.  What next?  A company name you say, that won’t take a minute – let’s just jot a few ideas down.  The greatly abridged version of this chapter is that after a few thousand online searches and many spreadsheets of potential names, KiddieBase – the base for all your kids needs – arrived!

So the idea is here, the name is here, now just a lot of hard work to do.  Plans were put in place, action lists written, logo ideas discussed and then over coffee one morning, Karen said to Antonia, “There’s just one little thing I need to tell you....” and that’s when “Baby Arrives” became a new line on the project plan!  Much debate was had over timing, how quickly could the idea be brought to life from the technical perspective, how much marketing should be done pre-launch, need to be out before Christmas and however many times the plan was cut, September 2010 ended up with two major milestones – “Launch of” and “Baby Arrives”!

Months of hard work later and the many jokes about the PR potential of the baby and business coinciding became reality!  On 24th September, went live and early on 25th September Karen’s baby arrived.  The full story of the latter can be found on our blog!  So what’s the situation now?
Poppy Sparkles on Kiddiebase is live with more than 50 retailers on board, 1000+ products and some sales under its belt.  Antonia and Karen are delighted that KiddieBase is to be featured in a Guardian supplement in October and in a number of local publications and are really looking forward to exhibiting KiddieBase at the Earls Court Baby Show.  They are especially proud of the fantastic group of stores that have joined them and that make the site what it is.  There are some truly amazing products there and the range covered is fantastic – gifts, toys, clothes, art, slings, maternity, nursing, furnishings, travel, accessories, personalised items, totally new products and much, much more...

And Baby KiddieBase, well he’s happy, healthy and just gorgeous......

So, make sure you head over to Kiddiebase and check out all the great products, you will find some one off pieces by Piddley Pix there too!!

Thank you to Antonia and Karen for a wonderful post, Congratulations to them both on the launch of the website and to Karen and family and the arrival of the new baby!!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Giveaway!! Enhance-me

With a fantastic eye for detail, offer a range of beautifully enchanting personalised Magical portraits.

It is the perfect place to create a very unique keepsake or a wonderful gift.  Their new product The Family Tree has just been launched which is worth a look at too. The possibilities are endless! Create a wonderfully UNIQUE gift for friends or family....

....and it is with a big Thank You to Victoria at Enhance-me that we have a great giveaway for you.

Enhance-Me are offering you the opportunity to win a Magical Portrait for yourself!

All you have to do for the chance to win, is follow this blog and then visit and come back and comment on this post letting us know which is your favourite Magical Picture!  
The competition will close on Monday 11th October at 10.00 am (winner will be picked at random)

So if you are looking for a Christmas gift which is a little bit different (or any other type of gift for that matter!) definitely check out Enhance-me! They are also on Facebook - you can pop across, show them some love and make sure you give the video  a watch!

Terms and Conditions:
The Competition will close at 10.00am on Monday 11th October 2010
Judges decision is final
The winner must be a follower of the blog and have commented on this post
The winner will be announced on this blog and on Twitter
The winner will be contacted direct by Enhance-me to discuss their prize

And the Winner is..........................
Phyllgerry - please email me on to claim your prize!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Guest Post - Baby Signing Mummy

I would like you to meet another great twitter friend of mine, Louise from Baby Signing Mummy talks a bit about something that may affect many Mumpreneurs!

I love being asked to write articles or guest blog posts so I was thrilled when the lovely Kelly from PiddleyPix asked me to write for her fab new business blog. So what to write about? Well seeing as I am usually always talking about the benefits of baby sign language I thought I might do something a little different - how about a little bit about me  and the mammoth decision to quit my regular day job and become a full time mummy at home running my business Baby Signing Mummy?

I do not think I have ever had such a tough decision to make, and it took months to reach the final decision, that in the meantime made my beloved Baby Signing Daddy (@kjlloydie) despair of me whenever I would mention the subject. Mainly because my ‘decision’ would change every few seconds.
Louise's Daughter Isabella on her 3rd Birthday!
My ‘regular day job’ was as a paediatric nurse - which had always been my dream job, from the tender age of 3 I was given my first nurses uniform dress up set and from that moment on I told everyone I was going to be a nurse. I qualified in 2000 as a paediatric nurse and could not have been prouder, graduating from the University of Surrey I thought I knew it all, I had reached that goal! Then I started my first job and realized I wanted more...I was the lowly newly qualified and I wanted to be a senior nurse! As my career progressed I realized I was always going to want to achieve more and each time I broke that goal a new one was set. In 2008 I reached my ultimate goal I was a Sister. I had worked in paediatric intensive care for 4 years and passed the university course that went with it, I had moved on and specialized in Children’s Allergy and was then promoted to clinical nurse specialist. Whilst very happy in this role for a couple of years (balancing this role full time whilst my beautiful daughter travelled with me daily to London to go to the hospital nursery) it soon became apparent to me that I again wanted a new challenge.

So I took on a Masters course in Advanced Practice - yes that would do it, I wanted to be an advanced practitioner now that would complete my career. So I undertook the advanced assessment skills course and passed - leading me into running my own nurse led clinic with my own patient load. I loved working closely with the families and diagnosing their child’s allergies and producing management plans. But still something was missing. So I undertook the non-medical prescribing course. This is known as the ‘hardest’ post qualification nursing course there is. I loved it, it made my brain think and extend my knowledge even further. I passed with flying colours! I can now prescribe medications.

This last part, I only found out the Monday after my last day at my job. Am I sad? A little bit I guess - but was I happy? No. Forever putting a new goal on my nursing career it suddenly occurred to me when I was deciding whether to hand in my notice or not that I wasn’t sure what my end goal was.  I am not sure what my end goal is now actually! - I want to be successful in my business - I am going to put in as much drive and determination into my business as I have done my whole education and nursing career. I can only hope that will help me to succeed. I love being my own boss and running my business around my daughter and being able to be there to take her and pick her up from preschool. I love the fact that I am involved in her life more. I also know how lucky I am that I have been able to make this move.

Making that final decision was a risk, we need the business to be successful as I do need to earn some money for the family, but I couldn’t give the business my whole whilst I was nursing three days a week in London. I really felt split down the middle and to be honest even with my resignation letter in my hand it was touch and go as to whether I was going to actually hand it to the Matron. I have taken a huge leap of faith and left behind a part of me that I always felt was innate in me. I thought I would feel like I was missing a part of me, but so far I have been adjusting well. I think passing that final exam and getting the prescribing role added to my registration has made me realize that perhaps nursing is a way of life for me. Maybe I will end up going back to it one day, but when I am ready. Right now I have a new goal and focus in my life, I want to be the best mummy I can be to our beautiful daughter and I want to prove to myself that I am more than just a nurse. I can be a successful businesses woman and learn a whole new world, whilst still keeping within my passion of working with children and families.

My advice to anyone else who is wondering whether to give up their ‘regular day job’ is to think long and hard about why it is that you are doing it. For a long time for me it was because I loved what I did and there was always something I wanted to achieve. But I had reached my peak and I couldn’t see a new goal.  Until Baby Signing Mummy was born.
Have a browse of the Baby Signing Mummy Website or Find Louise on Twitter at

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Meet our Artist!

We have two artists, but at present Kelly is taking a small break from the art side of Piddley Pix, she is currently on maternity leave from her 9-5 job and is enjoying time with her children as well as concentrating on the ideas side of Piddley Pix. So, without any further ado I would like to introduce the artist behind the pictures.............

Please meet Kev Brett
Kev is a dad of two beautiful munchkins, a 2 1/2 year old monkey and a 6 month old princess, he has a passion for art and this mixed with the joy he gets from his children is how Piddley Pix pictures are born, here is a very short question and answer with the man himself!

What three words tells us most about you?
Dad, Artist and Geek
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Mostly through my kids and nephews - seeing the world through their eyes is awesome - and a little bit from the big kid who is still inside me - I have to let him out now and again!

What do you like most about being a dad?
The feeling of unconditional love towards my kids, it doesn't matter what has happened in a day - I still love them and know that I will always have that feeling!

What is your Favourite TV Programme?
Chuck - It's all about a guy who is a spy! He is geeky, sexy (so I am told), normal - someone I can relate to!! 

Do you do other art, aside from what you do for Piddley Pix?
Yep, I spend most of my spare time drawing/painting - you can find some of my other stuff on my blog -

What do you like best about Piddley Pix?
Doing the commissions for people, there is something exciting about developing an idea for someone who knows what they want and that is very personal to them!

What else do we need to know about you?
I drink an uncountable amount of Tea, if you want to picture me, the best way to do so is with pencil in one hand and tea in the other!

So there he is, the one with the pencil! That's all we had time to ask him, he had to get back to the drawing board - but if there is anything else you want to know I am sure he is willing to answer!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

All About the Boys

Through the wonders of social media I have met some wonderful people, and I have especially enjoyed getting to know other business mums, or Mumpreneurs!!

I would like you to get to know some of them too (and check out their great businesses of course), so here we have a short Q and A with Karen from All About The Boys!

Who are you?
Hello My name is Karen Jones, I am a wife and mum to 3 boys aged 15 and twin 5 yr olds.

What is your business?

I Own an online children's clothing company - All About The Boys  Selling affordable designer and bespoke babies, boys and girls clothes.

What made you set up your own business?

I decided to set up my business after the birth of my twins.  I returned to work after maternity leave, the childcare costs were crippling, I hated the work and I felt totally stressed out trying to do everything and feeling I was achieving nothing.  I had already established a small regular income selling my children's used clothes on Ebay in my spare time and so decided to see if I could make it a proper business to fit around my children and home life.  It has developed over the last 5 yrs and now I have an Ebay shop and website.

Out of the things you sell, which is your favourite and which is your best seller?
I love all things Ralph Lauren, I always have.  They are classic, timeless and stylish.  My twins are wearing polo shirts worn by my eldest son when he was 5.  My best sellers are definitely Polo shirts and because I import direct from America I am able to sell at unbeatable prices in the UK.

What things do you do for fun, in your spare time?
My fun or family fun ?  My fun sleep, read and drink wine !  My family  fun - we go out and about in Devon where we live as much as possible.  We love the beach in Summer and even more so in the Winter.

What is your favourite thing about being a mum?

Belonging, and having my own special people who need me xx

What does a typical day for you include?
How much time do you have ???  Early start, shower, get children up, fed, dressed and walked to school. Back home coffee, put washing on, make the beds, emails, twitter, facebook, blog, website, ebay, photograph stock, list stock, print off despatch notes, more housework, check orders with suppliers, sort customer orders, pack customer orders, post office, collect children, park if weather ok, home, tea for boys, emails, check computer for updates on work, play with boys, quiet time & read to boys, bedtime for boys, dinner for husband, No 1 son and myself, wine : )  Twitter, facebook, catch up on blog posts, tv, bed xx

Do you use Social Media for your business (If so, which sites and what do you like about it)?
I decided to give Twitter ago about 18 months ago initially as an additional link for my website, I became hooked.  I love the immediate short conversations, suits me perfectly.   I then decided a blog might be a good idea too as a lot of the people I was following had them.  Its been a real boost for my business and I get a lot of sales from the followers.  I recently set up a facebook account when I was asked to become a toyologist by ToysRus.  I will be the first to admit I don't quiet "get" facebook.  I think you are either in one camp of the other.

Where can we we find you?
My website is
My twitter id is allaboutheboys   (only 1 t the 2 tt username was taken)
My blog is  

So, don't forget to head over to Karen's website and check out the great clothes!!!

Monday, 4 October 2010


So here it is the new blog for Piddley Pix! So a big welcome to you all, we really hope you enjoy the blog, please follow us for all up and coming news!

Starting today we have a two week 'launch' planned for the blog - you will be seeing a whole host of fun!!!

So who and what is Piddley Pix I hear you ask!
We are a family run business that was born out of a passion for art, a love of our offspring and a want to make children smile! We sell pictures for children's spaces and get all our inspiration from our son, daughter and nephews (kids are awesome in showing you what they like)!

A lot of our pictures are limited edition and will not be printed more than a specified number of times, every limited edition print comes with a certificate of authenticity which states the prints individual number!

Although at the minute we sell only pictures, we are looking into other products too and will be expanding the range very shortly - so keep your eyes peeled for new products!

What can you expect over the next two weeks from the launch of the blog?
Well, there will be articles about us - meet our artists, information on commissions, there will be posts from some of our friends, a review and 2 fantastic giveaways!

So, don't forget to click follow and keep an eye on this brand new blog for the things to come!

You can find us at the following places