Friday, 22 October 2010

Minor Edition Review

Minor Edition is an online shop that sells unique dresses; Founded by Ipshita, she designs all the dresses herself, so, I was really pleased when I was offered a dress to review, unfortunately the dresses are in sizes 2-6 so a bit too big for my baby princess, so I was going to have to pass the dress to someone else to review from a 'using' perspective!

When the dress arrived it was beautifully wrapped and I felt like I had received a pressie! I opened it up with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning to reveal a very pretty dress from the new 'Tomato and Olive Collection' which filled me with a 'it's so not fair' vibe at the thought that my little girl was too ickle and I was having to give it to someone else!

So, all I could do was look at the dress from an observation perspective and then pass it on.

The dress was lovely and the uniqueness shines through, I certainly haven't seen anything like this on the high street! The only minor worry I had was how it would fair being worn by a two year old as it appeared to be very delicate!

If I am honest I am not a big fan of the colour green, but this green suited the pattern and style of the dress perfectly, it had a beautiful shape to it and was topped off with some very cute bows!

Now how did the testers like it? Well on receiving the dress the dad had the same thought about the delicateness of it, he worried that the bows may get pulled off or the dress wouldn't fair well with two year old playing!

After little M had worn the dress they said "When putting it on, it fits well, as it is a fitted style and the right size for our girl. Unlike her other clothes, however, there is no 'give' or stretchiness to the material, so I would imagine that she'll grow out of it pretty quickly" and after wearing the dress there were no signs of bows dropping off or the material wearing or tearing, so although delicate - fit for the job!

This is a beautiful dress, make sure you pop over to Minor Edition to see what other items they have in their new collection and as an added bonus, every customer (the child) gets a birthday surprise on her birthday – they just need to register here.

Information from Minor Edition:
Prices of the Tomato and Olive Collection:
The price list is now ready. I am very happy to offer silk dresses meant for special occasions, at such a bargain price.
Green and Maroon dresses with two small bows  - £19.00
Green dresses with large bows - £19.99
Red dress with white sleeves - £23.99

I always mention the sizing because every child is different and do not always fit the British Standard size. I am a first-hand ‘sufferer’ as Anusha, my daughter always need two sizes larger than her actual age. So would it be worth mentioning that Minor Edition recommends that they check the size chart

Very interesting comment about stretchiness of the fabric and totally agree with M’s daddy. Well, as parents, we all hunt for the regular stretchy clothes for the nursery or toddler groups where messy play and suchlike are involved and those that are resistant to a zillion washes. To be honest, organic silk fabrics do not really stretch like a jersey dress for example. The Tomato and Olive Collection is a collection of dresses that are meant to be delicate and special but without the price tag. This can be compared with the special satin dress (that do not stretch as much too)  that we would have bought for our little ones for any special occasion like a wedding or a birthday. Just that these are not white or pink nor are they pricey.


  1. Great review Kelly. I think Ipshita's pretty dresses made with such care and attention to detail. Maybe best suited to special occasions, but at such a fab price you could buy several (well I would if I had girls to buy for).

  2. What a lovely dress - can't wait until my little girl is a little bit bigger, so I can sample Minor Edition's beautiful creations x

  3. Thank You Kelly for the fabulous review. It was a pleasure to send the dress through to you. I am very excited about the collection and future designs in the next year. Love your blog and wish you all the best for a fantastic future Kelly.

    Much appreciate your comments Karen and Poppy. Thank You !