Sunday, 9 September 2012

Half Marathon to give people Hope!

Hubby, Brother and Brother in Law are running a half marathon to raise money for a local project! The Hope Centre will be a hub for a community that needs it, three charities will use it as a base to run services for the young, the old and those of us in the middle! 

Please sponsor if you can! £1 donation will really help get them to their target! 

Thank you in advance 

Sponsor Here:  Event information - BT MyDonate

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Firepower and Darth Stark!

As promised a photo of the Darth Stark T-shirt by Firepower that I won from GeekShirt HQ, cue Hubby as the model!

My hubby loves this tshirt and i became the best wife in the world the day I won it for him.  Do check out Firepower on Redbubble to see this and more designs and GeekShirts HQ for all things tshirt!