Saturday, 14 May 2011

Coffee To A Tea

We try to bring you blog posts with information about products you will love, things to enrich your life and things you can't do without. One of the best ways to do this is through reviews, so here is one about something that (if you are like me) is a key factor of day to day life - coffee!

I was sent a lovely little bundle of coffee to try from 'Coffee to a Tea', it included Maple Walnut and French Vanilla flavoured instants, White Chocolate and Irish Dream Ground Coffee and some Keyan pure ground coffee! Yes, it was a beautiful smelling package to receive!

I am not lucky enough to have a coffee machine so shipped out the ground coffee to other tasters, but I can tell you about the instants! I didn't even know that you could get flavoured instant coffee, but you can and it is GOOD! The smell of the coffee is wonderful and the taste better, the first cup I had was a bit of a shock, after all I was used to 'normal' instant coffee! Both me and the husband love both flavours and would definitely try the other flavours too, in fact I think we will always have flavoured coffee in the house now!

My mum-in-law took the Irish dream coffee to try; her and her friend loved it, they said the smell was amazing and it tasted smooth and lovely, they will certainly be drinking it again!

The other two lots went to my mum, here is what she said

"The white chocolate coffee is absolutely delicious, I had a cup at home and couldn't put it down once I had tasted it.  The taste is delicious without being sweet or sickly.  The aroma is fabulous, took it to work and while it was was on my desk everyone could smell it and said it smelt wonderful.  The flavouring takes away any bitterness that coffee sometimes has and makes it a smooth sensation.

The Nairobi pure Kenyan is one of the best coffees I have every had, it has a deep coffee taste without any bitterness, is smooth and a coffee I could drink any time of day, perfect for elevens or after a dinner party. I would definitely buy again!"

So there you have it, the verdict all round was a massive thumbs up (or pinky finger if you drink your coffee from a china mug!), next time you are looking for a lovely drink for elevens' - check out Coffee to a Tea

You can find Coffee to a Tea on their website or on ebay

Monday, 2 May 2011

Etsy Stormtrooper Showcase

For those who love Stormtroopers

*Disclaimer, I know one is a Biker Scout but they are awesome!