Wednesday, 27 October 2010

It's just me,me,me!

My wonderful twitter friend Viv from Poppy Sparkles has tagged me. so I have to attempt to  answer some questions, here goes......

1. What is your favourite book?

Such a hard question for me to start with, I love books and really don't get the time I would like to read, I have a whole pile of books waiting for me! 
I love so many books and different genres (true life, crime, fiction) too but if I had to pick an absolute favourite I would have to say The Green Mile! Such a good read and I love it for sentimental reasons too, when I read it you could buy it in a six part series, which I did and me and my Dad both read them and talked about them, I still have the little series on my bookshelf and it always reminds me of then! 

2. What is your most treasured childhood memory?

It's a really simple memory but staying over at my Nan's house always meant that we were allowed to put yoghurt on our cereal in the mornings instead of milk (something I still love to this day), it was usually followed by dippy eggs and soldiers too, and we would turn over the egg shell when we were done and bash it with our spoon!

3. Who is your favourite Designer/Artist/Illustrator?

Hmmm...these questions are hard, I don't have a favourite, there are so many I admire. There are many illustrators of children's books I love including Guy Parker-Rees, Olivier Dunrea (Peedie book) and Jez Alborough.
I also (obviously) love my husband's art and illustrations (that's why we run Piddley Pix) .

4. Where is your fave holiday destination?

I would have to say Dominican Republic where I spent a wonderful two weeks with my husband for our honeymoon! It was such an experience, a beautiful place where you could just relax or do lots! We chose to do some trips out so went white water rafting, swimming with dolphins and on a trip to see the 'real' Dominican which was amazing! The people are so lovely!
I have to say though there is alot of the UK I love to visit too; Norfolk, Devon, Parts of Sctoland etc, so am more than happy to holiday at home! 

5. What is your favourite past time?

I love to write! It is something that I really wish I could do more of, I like to write poems, stories and childrens books, what I love about writing is it can basically be what you want; fact, feelings, fiction, fun, sad - anything! I am quite shy about my writing and only share small bits of it - I am trying to share more and have put some poems on my personal blog as a step towards this! 

6.What is your favourite colour?

For clothes it's most definitely black! Now I know people will say black isn't a colour, but it is the tone I wear the most! For anything else I like purple - it's such a girlie colour without being pink!

7. Do you have any pet hates?

I have loads! 
Rude people, it's not hard to think about others just briefly before you do or say something, in fact if you do it enough then it becomes natural, people parking in child spaces at the supermarket when they don't have a child with them, or in the disabled ones when they are not disabled, people who tell lies and (probably my biggest one) spitting, whether it's in the street or at someone, I really REALLY don't like it! 
I think most of my pet hates stem from people just generally not thinking of others!

8. What is your favourite saying?

'Work Hard, Play Hard' - Think it says it all!

9.Do you watch the X Factor? If so why??? 

Erm........yes! I am ashamed to admit I do, and I slate it and the decisions make me angry, and I vow not to watch it again, but the following weekend I am sat down waiting for it to come on - it's an addiction, I can't help it, and to be honest if I didn't watch it I would feel like I did from the amount of people who talk about it!! 

And now it's time to tag....
Louise from Baby Signing Mummy
Nicki  over at Curly and Candid

I hope you will all have a go, and let me know so I can have a read of your answers to! 

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  1. Thanks for answering the questions. It's interesting reading people's answers. I with you on your pet hates and X Factor x