Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Organix Christmas Selection Box - Review!

Well we all like receiving free stuff and treating our kids don't we, so I was delighted when Organix offered to send me one of their new Christmas Selection Boxes to review! 

Now, I hear some of you cry 'Christmas, it's too early' but for me it's not, the shopping is well under way to try and spread the cost a little, so I need ideas for presents and food and i need them now! 

The box is very clear and a lovely size, it gives the feel of a Christmas selection box and contains, 3 packs of biscuits and 2 oaty bars from the 'Goodies' organic range - they also come with a 'No Junk promise!' which means there's no hidden nasties - just 'guilt free, delicious snacks!'

As the snacks are suitable from 12 months old, it was going to fall to our two and a half year old to be tester, Legs (as he is known here) was very happy that he was the designated taster for this, and happily picked from the box when snack time came! First to be gone was the Raspberry and Apple soft oaty bar, there was only one word that came out of Legs' mouth as he polished it off -- 'De-Lic-ious!', he enjoyed it so much he asked if he could have the other bar (Apple and Orange)!

The snacks were eaten one by one (over several days I would like to add!) and all went down a treat! Legs loved them all, but his favourite was the Raspberry and Apple bar! One dinner time, Legs was given the choice of a chocolate cake or something from the box for his pudding - the Alphabet biscuits won, I would never have believed anything would have been picked over chocolate!!

As a bonus there is also a 'Create your own winter farm' scene inside, and Legs had a lot of fun sticking that too, every now and then he says 'Daddy, lets see what's in here' and shows him the picture he made! 

From the toddler's point of view he got a box of treats which was fab, and from Mummy's point of view - he got a box of healthy (No junk) snacks, fantastic, and at the bargain price of £2.99 (available from Ocado online and Boots) these will be replacing the chocolate selection boxes that would normally be bought for my son, nephew and friends (I now get to keep the chocolate for me)!

So from the Piddley Pix household, this gets a big Thumbs Up!!

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  1. What a great review and what a brilliant alternative to the usual selection box