Tuesday, 5 October 2010

All About the Boys

Through the wonders of social media I have met some wonderful people, and I have especially enjoyed getting to know other business mums, or Mumpreneurs!!

I would like you to get to know some of them too (and check out their great businesses of course), so here we have a short Q and A with Karen from All About The Boys!

Who are you?
Hello My name is Karen Jones, I am a wife and mum to 3 boys aged 15 and twin 5 yr olds.

What is your business?

I Own an online children's clothing company - All About The Boys  Selling affordable designer and bespoke babies, boys and girls clothes.

What made you set up your own business?

I decided to set up my business after the birth of my twins.  I returned to work after maternity leave, the childcare costs were crippling, I hated the work and I felt totally stressed out trying to do everything and feeling I was achieving nothing.  I had already established a small regular income selling my children's used clothes on Ebay in my spare time and so decided to see if I could make it a proper business to fit around my children and home life.  It has developed over the last 5 yrs and now I have an Ebay shop and website.

Out of the things you sell, which is your favourite and which is your best seller?
I love all things Ralph Lauren, I always have.  They are classic, timeless and stylish.  My twins are wearing polo shirts worn by my eldest son when he was 5.  My best sellers are definitely Polo shirts and because I import direct from America I am able to sell at unbeatable prices in the UK.

What things do you do for fun, in your spare time?
My fun or family fun ?  My fun sleep, read and drink wine !  My family  fun - we go out and about in Devon where we live as much as possible.  We love the beach in Summer and even more so in the Winter.

What is your favourite thing about being a mum?

Belonging, and having my own special people who need me xx

What does a typical day for you include?
How much time do you have ???  Early start, shower, get children up, fed, dressed and walked to school. Back home coffee, put washing on, make the beds, emails, twitter, facebook, blog, website, ebay, photograph stock, list stock, print off despatch notes, more housework, check orders with suppliers, sort customer orders, pack customer orders, post office, collect children, park if weather ok, home, tea for boys, emails, check computer for updates on work, play with boys, quiet time & read to boys, bedtime for boys, dinner for husband, No 1 son and myself, wine : )  Twitter, facebook, catch up on blog posts, tv, bed xx

Do you use Social Media for your business (If so, which sites and what do you like about it)?
I decided to give Twitter ago about 18 months ago initially as an additional link for my website, I became hooked.  I love the immediate short conversations, suits me perfectly.   I then decided a blog might be a good idea too as a lot of the people I was following had them.  Its been a real boost for my business and I get a lot of sales from the followers.  I recently set up a facebook account when I was asked to become a toyologist by ToysRus.  I will be the first to admit I don't quiet "get" facebook.  I think you are either in one camp of the other.

Where can we we find you?
My website is www.allabouttheboys.co.uk
My twitter id is allaboutheboys   (only 1 t the 2 tt username was taken)
My blog is   http://allabouttheboysdesignerclothes.blogspot.com/  

So, don't forget to head over to Karen's website and check out the great clothes!!!


  1. Congratulations on you new blog and thank you so much for featuring me : ) Just a quick note for your readers, I am currently working as fast as I can to update the website with new stock, so its looking a bit bare at the moment. Give me a week and there will be lots of lovely new stock.
    Karen xx

  2. Not only is Karen a great business woman and mum, she is a fantastic person too!

  3. Karen is my twitter friend. Good to know more about you. My good wishes for a fabulous future. And love the new blog Kelly.