Saturday, 14 April 2012

SBS Showcase - Made With Love Designs

Each Week I am hoping to bring you a guest post from an SBS (Small Business Sunday) Winner, a showcase of small businesses! So here is the first, let me introduce Katherine from Made with Love Designs.
My name's Katherine Brookes and I run my own handmade greetings card business Made With Love Designs.  Recently my business has been recognised by one of the guys from the show Dragon's Den Theo Paphitis.

Every Sunday I enter #SBS on twitter which is run by Theo and stands for Small Business Sunday.  All you have to do is tweet @theopaphitis with a short summary of your business and add a link to your website and add #sbs.  I had entered every week for a few months with no luck as had a fellow tweeter Martina from @mycraftycandles.  On Sunday 25th March I decided that before I entered my own business I would nominate hers.  I wasn't even going to enter my business and as it happens I didn't need to because my nomination did the trick and at 21:17 he RT'd me and he also RT'd Martina too!!

Typically the one night I let my phone battery die because I couldn't be bothered to charge it I miss all the excitement and only realised I'd won when I plugged my phone in and saw all the congrats messages at around 22:00!!  I could not believe what I was seeing, hundreds of messages of congratulations!  An amazing, overwhelming sense of achievement and surprise!
The Sunday I won my #SBS was the last chance to get tickets to the #SBS Winner's event which was held on the 30th March at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham.  We arrived for around noon and had some time to meet other winners before being seated for Theo's presentation.  He was great and such an inspirational guy.  During the presentation the brand new SBS winners website was launched by the fabulous Chris Wheeler of Metalfrog Studios.  The website holds the profile of every SBS winner and because I was one of the last 6 winners I had the opportunity to add my profile ahead of the launch.  It was a great feeling to have my company logo up there on the big screen.  After the presentation every winner then had the opporunity to have an official photograph taken with Theo and we were given our winners certificate.  This was a fabulous ending to the event and I felt very honoured and proud to be there.

Following my win my business has picked up and I have had few more orders.  Website hits have increased and I generally feel more inspired and creative and I now want to push my business to the next level.  Made With Love Designs is currently run part time as I still have a full time day job.  One day I hope my business will enable me to become self employed and live my dream.

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