Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sponsorship Request

It is that time of year again where many people take to the streets to run in the Robin Hood Festival of running! Many do it for charity and four very important men are doing just that! Kev, Lee, Nod and Marc are taking to the streets of Nottingham and running the half marathon in aid of The Ear Foundation!

Why The Ear Foundation? Well we have seen first hand the support this charity can offer, our friends son has just come out of hospital after his second Cochlear Implant and this charity has been very important to them, he was born profoundly deaf, so without his implant he would never of heard and would have no verbal language, although he is a whiz at sign so can communicate brilliantly, he is actually bi-lingual with English and BSL!!
So please if you can help, sponsor the boys, they have a page over at Just Giving and every little really does help, if everyone was to sponsor just 10p they would easily pass their target, if you could stretch to £1 they could get there even quicker!!

Kev is also donating 20% of all sales from his Etsy store to the charity, so you can get yourself a little piece of art and help out!

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