Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring has sprung!

So it is the first of March and that can only mean one thing - Spring is here! What does Spring tend to mean; milder waether, flowers, buzzy insects, short breaks and generally a happier outlook!

So what better than a blog post celebrating all things Springy in the world of Piddley Pix!

Good Old Boris! 

Boris is a non-limited edition print which depicts a lovely scene of him collecting nectar - a full on worker bee! If I am honest he is one of my faves as he was one of the first we designed and he is so cute!

The Mini Cars

We all like to get away but know the curses of traffic jams on our short breaks, this is a FUN non-limited edition picture of sitting in traffic! Kids will enjoy spotting a car like theirs!

Those Rolling Hills!

There is something special about walking through the countryside during the spring months, mild weather and lovely scenes, just make you feel refreshed! Maybe a limited edition picture for us older ones to remind us of the green in the land!


Spring is all about the 'New' in the world, new flowers, births and the flyers coming out again! These Dragonflies are enjoying themselves with a little dance of joy. This is a limited edition picture!


..and to finish off those well known 'spring chickens' down on the farm. Again a limited edition piece, the one you get will be one of only 25 printed and will come with a certificate of authenticity!

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