Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Guest Post - Handmade for illness

Judging by the facebook status updates of most of my friends, it would seem that once again illness is doing the rounds, and as I am guest posting to help Kelly out whilst sickness reigns in her household, it seemed appropriate to use that as my theme. 

For those that follow my own blog or twitter, you’ll know how I like to support and promote UK Designer Makers, so I’m going to share a few handmade comforts and toys, sure to help you nurse you and your little ones through illness.

Whilst duvets reign supreme in this modern age, I don’t think you can beat a snuggle under a soft, hand-knitted or crocheted blanket.  The soft, tactile nature of blankets and the way they drap cannot be surpassed.  

For extra snuggability a hottie is a must! To help hold its warmth for longer and provide a huggable source of warmth, a hot water bottle cover is a must – who wants to cuddle a hunk of rubber?!

You know when your little one is really poorly when they’re not running round the house.  So, for when they need some entertainment, but are too poorly to leave the sofa, this crayon roll is ideal.  And, when they’re better it’s a great travelling drawing centre.

And for the chicken soup, or whatever is the cure food in your household, you’ll need a special bowl to make your little patient feel extra special.

Viv Smith is the designer-maker owner of  Poppy Sparkles – creating celebration charm jewellery with sterling silver, Swarovski crystal and Freshwater pearls.  She also loves showcasing handmade talent on her blog.

A massive thank you to Viv for her post!


  1. Thanks for showing off my Travel Art Case. Loving the blog! Denise x

  2. Thanks for showing my bowl,and the opportunity to read your blog.

    Love it.

    Chloe x