Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Helping Japan!

No-one could have missed the recent events that have happened in Japan, and unfortunately the effects of it are still going on. Many people have lost their families, their house and all their belongings. The people of Japan are having to fight weather conditions, lack of provisions and a potential radiation threat. 

They still need support and unfortunately from this far a field that often means money!

Like many of you we really want to help, so we have decided to offer something a little special!

You can get an A6, hand drawn with markers, picture on a subject of your choosing for £10.00. It will be produced on 300gsm Satin Paper (or thin card to you and me) and will be unique to you, drawn of a subject you request, whether it be to represent your children, a picture of you and the love of your life or as simple as a giraffe! 
The best bit of this is that £8.00 from each card will go to the Brtish Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal!

Please email kelly@piddleypix.com if interested!

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