Saturday, 12 March 2011

Booties by Dannie

As you probably know by now, we love all things funky and unique here at Piddley Pix, and we love being able to show off other people and businesses that we think you may be interested in.  So we would like to take this oppotunity to introduce you to Booties by Dannie!

I first came across Dannielle on Twitter and have come to love the items she sells, so thought it was time to share! Danielle loves to crochet and everything she sells is handmade by herself!

As the business name suggests, Dannie sells Booties, there is a wide range of shoes, booties and even sandals!  

I absoutely love this moccasins, they are some of the most adorable baby booties I have even seen, it is wonderful to see a selection of crocheted booties (and shoes and sandals) that are not all just the same style in different colours - your baby could look so cool in these mini converse style booties!!

It is always nice to see that someone so talented expands her range too, you can also get hats, apple cosies, crayon rolls, toys and knitwear!


So do go along to Booties by Dannie and check out the wonderful crocheted items coming from this lovely ladies talented hands, keep your eyes peeled too, the new products are always coming....


  1. Lovely feature!
    I also highly recommend Dannie, her crocheted items are fantastic

    Silver Birch Crafts

  2. What goegeous little boots! Love them :-)

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful feature!

  4. Gorgeous booties, wish I knew I baby to buy them for!!

  5. I love the little converse style booties! Very cute. xx

  6. Fab designs. Shows a great sense of humour.