Sunday, 9 January 2011

Artist Update!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to give you a couple of brief updates about Kev's (our artist) life outside of Piddley Pix.

Kev recently launched his very own webcomic 'The Monkey and The Mouse' it is a fun look at the life of a toddler (Monkey) and a baby (Mouse), any parent of little 'uns will be able to relate to it! Do check it out!!

Outside of Piddley Pix Kev spends a lot of time drawing art and fan art influenced by films, other webcomics and more! One of his fave things to draw is Star Wars and Kev has (deservedly) had a picture included in the blog post 'Awesome Star Wars Arts Collection' by the people at Petshopbox Studio - do have a look, alongside Kev's fab picture is many other great takes on Star Wars - a must see for any Star Wars fan! 

Well Done Kev and we are very pleased you work with Piddley Pix.  Look out for a guest post from Kev soon!

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